You're never younger than today.

Your tissues age.

Save tissue today.

Create an STCellBank™.

No physician ever heals a patient. A patient’s cells heal the patient.

Hopefully by now you are seriously considering a regenerative medical therapy option for yourself or a family member. If so, I have one more thing for you to consider: Save some of your cells so they can be used later in life. Create STCellBank.

The decision could not be more straight forward. While we are collecting your cells for your procedure, let me collect a bit extra and save them for you. We are partners with a tissue preservation lab that can preserve your cells, virtually indefinitely, using well know technology for cryostorage.

Why save cells? Because Stem Cells and tissues age. It is widely believed this is a significant part of why people age. Cell biology scientists everywhere believe younger cells are more numerous, move active and more effective. How young?

Well, you will never be younger than you are today.

During your appointment with me, ask if I think STCellBank is right for you. We will take into account your likelihood of needing to treat another joint and your family disease history, to see if regenerative medicine may help you with these conditions.

Saving your cells should be another part of your retirement plan. And this insurance policy might help you heal, not just pay medical bills.

Don’t forget: Ask me if STCellBank is right for you.

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